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I'm just a guy who loves to share my passion for quilting.

I started my quilting journey about 10 years ago when my partner Ben decided he wanted to start quilting. We both grew up in homes where our mothers taught us how to sew, but had only dabbled in quilting. We went out and invested in a good sewing machine and our quilting journey was started. We purchased our Handi Quilter Infinity 26 about 6 years ago.  I am not one to shy away from a challenge, so I jumped in with both feet and now I travel around as a Handi Quilter National Educator, helping others make the most of their long arms.  My favorite thing about teaching is having a student reach out to me after a class and tell me they tried something they were too scared of before my class.  Taking the first step outside the box is the beginning of your new journey.


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