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As an educator with Handi Quilter, I am always asked question about where to get things and what to get.  What are my favorite rulers, where should I buy designs for Pro-Stitcher?  I decided it was time to add a page to my site, so everyone has a place to get that info.  I LOVE A GADGET and this is where you will find the ones I love best.  Maybe in the future, I will start to sell them direct to you but until then, check out the links or your local quilt shop.  If your local shop doesn't carry something, ask if they can get it.  Most shops can order whatever you need and you are still supporting them, especially now.  As always, send me an email if you have any questions and be sure to follow me at Adam Sew Fun on Facebook and Instagram.

Handi Gadgets


These are some of my favorite gadgets that Handi Quilter has to offer.  


Digital Designs

Favorite Social Media 

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