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#ASFDecemberQAL2022 Week 2

Hi all, this week is going to be so easy. We are just cutting some width of fabric (WOF) strips. Once we have the strips, we will sub-cut them into the sizes we need. Each block that we have created, will get a strip put on each side, then we just have to put the strips together. Then we will add a solid strip to the top and the bottom and our quilt top will be complete.

See the chart below for the size strips needed.

Cut WOF Strip



2.5 inch x WOF

34.5 inch strip

2.5 inch x WOF

34.5 inch strip

2.5 inch x WOF

10.5 inch strip

22.5 inch strip

5.5 inch x WOF

10.5 inch strip

19.5 inch strip

7.5 inch x WOF

24.5 inch strip

3.5 inch strip

8.5 inch x WOF

14 inch strip

13 inch strip

10.5 inch x WOF

1.5 inch strip

23.5 inch strip

12.5 inch x WOF

17.5 inch strip

5.5 inch strip

Now that all of the strips are cut and sub-cut, we can start to piece the strips together.

I'm not going to to into details on how to do this, you are all quilters. This is the fun part because you can do my layout (small to large) or do one of your own. I will be doing the layout of the first photo but my Tula quilt is the second photos layout. We will talk about how to quilt this, so make it how you like.

This will be my layout but I still need to stitch it all together.

This was the original layout for the quilt.

That's it for Week 2, just put the final top together. I told you I would make something easy. This quilt has so much negative space, I can't wait till we get to stitch it!

See you next week for a How to Quilt it video.


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